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Dr Allen has many years experience working in Hadley, delivering high quality veterinary services and compassionate care to 1,000s of pets and pleased pet owners from all over the Pioneer River Valley. (Just ask a friend or neighbor!) While some pets truly enjoy going to the vet, others would disagree. It's simple. More pets (and people) prefer to Age in Place, in the comfort of home!! Dr Allen continues to work with a gentle loving touch and old fashioned less is best approach to promote the comfort and well being of her patients and also the bond they have with their people.

Dr Allen has been doing House Calls exclusively for the past 5 years. Some folks are happy to have Dr Allen continue to care for their pets, and new pets too! Some are referred for a House Call by their regular local vets. Others are making vet visits easier with their busy schedules or are new to the area and were previously pleased with the House Call experience. For too many people it can be a chore, a challenge, or simply not an option due to difficulties or disabilities to get their pets to a vet. Veterinary House Calls (formerly farm calls) are making a come back, a growing trend across the country. Those who have heard the good news and made the call have been pleased. Read her reviews in Petsimonials.

House Calls are much more than convenient. 100% of your time is spent with the vet, who devotes more time to you and your pet(s). Dr Allen is able to meet the needs of most healthy, sick and injured pets as well as those who's time has nearly come. Urgent needs can often be met same day. Dr Allen works closely with many local veterinary hospitals, referring young patients for spaying and neutering, and also accepting cases referred by them for House Calls. (In order to continue to provide end of life services, Dr Allen can no longer become your regular vet if you were referred by your vet for this service.) Though most pets do not require additional surgery later in life, there may be a time an advanced procedure, dentistry or critical care is needed. Dr Allen refers these patients to local or regional hospitals that best meet the needs of individuals and remains in close contact with pet owners and doctors. Read more about her services, in About House Calls.

The River Valley House Call Vet is available to come to you, to help with the care of puppies & kittens, litters, newly adopted pets, healthy adults and those who may be sick, injured or very old and tired. She delivers sound advice in later life stages. Making improvements to daily activities often greatly improves both quality of life and care, further strengthening the bond. She also provides end of life services at home, with dignity and without anxiety or fear. After care services are provided through White Rose. ( The owners, Steve and Marilyn, built the after care facility at their home, after losing a dear cat named "Moca Chip", in order to provide better services in our area. All the animals are treated with the honor they earned and deserve.) Dr Allen takes time needed with each client to help guide them in matters of the heart and difficult decisions. Minimizing fear and regret for all and providing for a peaceful passing at home is the best way to set up for success, at the end of a life well lived. Time does go by quickly and our animals age even faster than we do. Thankfully, Dr Allen is available to help with any worry. She will listen, work with you, review the things that matter most and all the options. She will do her best to provide support to you along the way.

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  • "Dr Allen is absolutely amazing. I contacted her because my elderly cat Clara was very ill, and needed to be put to sleep. My regular veterinarian did not do House Calls and I wanted Clara's passing to be as comfortable as possible- in her own home, on her own bed, surrounded by peace and love. Dr Allen came to my home within three hours of my phone call. She was overwhelmingly kind to both Clara and me. Clara's passing was completely serene, which was exactly what I wanted. I CAN NOT recommend Dr Allen's veterinary services enough. She is simply a WONDERFUL veterinarian, and all pets deserve a doctor like her."
    Hadley, MA

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